Dick Whittington (pantomime script)

A purr-fect traditional family panto

Dick Whittington and His Amazing Cat

Dick Whittington has travelled to London with his cowardly cat Mr Fluffles to make his fortune, but the evil King Rat has other plans for the pair when he frames Dick for the theft of a valuable necklace. Can Dick prove his innocence and defeat the riotous rodent before he takes over London?

A traditional family pantomime script that can be licensed for your amateur or professional production. To download a script extract, or to purchase a perusal copy or a performance licence, use the buttons below. Perusal copies can also be purchased from Amazon in Kindle or booklet format.

Within the script, you will note places where square brackets indicate the text can be updated with a local reference. The author also gives permission for the text to be updated based on contemporary events and the requirements of your production.

CHARACTERS: 12, plus chorus
4M, 3F, 5M/F

RUNNING TIME: approx. 110 minutes, minus interval


DICK Whittington (M/F)

Mr FLUFFLES, his cat (M/F)

ALDERMAN Fitzwarren, pie shop proprietor (M)

ALICE Fitzwarren, the alderman’s daughter (F)

Idle JACK, the alderman’s lazy assistant and Sarah’s son (M)

SARAH the cook, the pie chef (M)

KING RAT, the baddie (M/F)

SPLAT the rat, King Rat’s sidekick (M/F)

NAT the rat, King Rat’s sidekick (M/F)


Captain Gregory GROG (M)


Chorus parts






Lazy SUSAN, a courtier

A chimney SWEEP

The KING (King Charles lookalike)


Despite the gender suggestions given, it would be possible to adapt some parts to the actors available. King Rat could become Queen Rat with some minor adaptation of the text, for example.


Act One

Prologue – on the road to London (frontcloth)

Scene 1 – Cheapside, London (full stage)

Scene 2 – Kensington Gardens (frontcloth)

Scene 3 – Fitzwarren’s International Pie Emporium (full stage)

Scene 4 – Fitzwarren’s International Pie Emporium (full stage)

Act Two

Scene 1 – Fitzwarren’s International Pie Emporium (full stage)

Scene 2 – on the road to London (frontcloth)

Scene 3 – the docks (full stage)

Scene 4 – the galley of the Saucy Sally (full stage)

Scene 5 – the deck of the Saucy Sally (frontcloth)

Scene 6 – the seabed (full stage)

Scene 7 – at sea (frontcloth) 

Scene 8 – Egypt (full stage)

Scene 9 – Egypt (full stage)

Scene 10 – Pharaoh’s palace (full stage)

Scene 11 – Kensington Gardens (frontcloth)

Finale – Cheapside, London (full stage)


  1. The author’s name must be clearly displayed on publicity, programmes, posters, websites and social media.
  2. A performance licence for this work does not include permission to use the suggested music. Permission for songs and incidental music must be sought from the copyright holders. This is the sole responsibility of the licensee.
  3. This work is protected by copyright and may not be performed without a licence from the author.
  4. A video licence must also be purchased if performances of this work are to be filmed. An option for this is included on the licensing form.