Mother Goose (pantomime script)

An eggs-ellent traditional family panto

Mother Goose

Truly the Hamlet of dame roles! Will the poor but kind-hearted Mother Goose realise that friendship is more important than beauty in time to defeat the wicked Demon of Discontent and save her goose Priscilla?

A traditional family pantomime script that can be licensed for your amateur or professional production. To download a script extract, or to purchase a perusal copy or a performance licence, use the buttons below. Perusal copies can also be purchased from Amazon in Kindle or booklet format.

Within the script, you will note places where square brackets indicate the text can be updated with a local reference. The author also gives permission for the text to be updated based on contemporary events and the requirements of your production.

CHARACTERS: 15, plus chorus
4M, 4F, 7M/F

RUNNING TIME: approx. 120 minutes, minus interval



Silly BILLY, her son (M)

COLIN, her other son (M/F)

JILL, the squire’s daughter (F)

PRISCILLA the goose (M/F – skin part)

SQUIRE Tightwad (M)

The DEMON of Discontent (M/F)

GRABBEM, SMASHEM and RUN, bailiffs who work for the squire (M/F)



Fairy TREVOR (M)

Character note: the gag with Fairy Trevor is that he’s a stagehand who’s been drafted in at the last minute to fill in for Fairy Raindrop


LORD GANDER of the Goose Dimension (M/F)

Chorus parts

“RUDDY” NORA, a woman with a red face

A BUTLER, Jeeves

A 50P






Despite the gender suggestions given, it is possible to adapt parts to the cast. For example, I have staged this pantomime with the comic role of Silly Billy as a “breeches part” and a female Demon, while the role of the Fairy Queen was played by a man in the style of a drag queen.


Act One

Prologue – woodland near the village (frontcloth)

Scene 1 – the village of Windy Bottom (full stage)

Scene 2 – outside the beauty parlour (frontcloth)

Scene 3 – Mother Goose’s beauty parlour (full stage)

Scene 4 – woodland near the village (frontcloth)

Scene 5 – Mother Goose’s boudoir (full stage)

Scene 6 – outside Mother Goose’s cottage (frontcloth)

Scene 7 – Mother Goose’s cottage (full stage)

Scene 8 – Tightwad Towers (frontcloth)

Scene 9 – Mother Goose’s beauty parlour (full stage)

Scene 10 – Tightwad Towers (frontcloth)

Act Two

Scene 1 – woodland near the village (frontcloth)

Scene 2 – Mother Goose’s boudoir (full stage)

Scene 3 – spooky woods (full stage)

Scene 4 – the village of Windy Bottom (full stage)

Scene 5 – on the way to the woods (frontcloth)

Scene 6 – spooky woods (full stage)

Scene 7 – spooky woods (full stage)

Scene 8 – spooky woods (full stage)

Scene 9 – woodland near the village (frontcloth)

Finale – the village of Windy Bottom (full stage)


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