Love at First Fight

When old enemies reunite, sparks fly…

Love at First Fight

Love at First Fight tis a hilarious modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing that’s the perfect read for fans of 10 Things I Hate About You and The Hating Game. It was published by Aria Fiction on 5th August 2021.


Bridie Morgan is giving love one last chance – she’s going on twenty dates in twenty days. If this ‘love’ thing really is a numbers game, then surely she’ll find The One. And if not? Well, at least the memory will be enough to put her off for life.

But being love’s biggest sceptic is a challenge in the face of best friend Hattie’s upcoming nuptials. And as maid of honour, she really has to give it a chance.

Then Bridie’s lifelong nemesis Ben Kemp returns home to join the wedding party. Ben, who triggered the sorry state of affairs that has been Bridie’s love life since high school. Ben, the best man to her maid of honour.

As old enemies reunite, sparks fly – in ways Bridie could never have seen coming…