A New Home in the Dales

A heartwarming, captivating rural saga set in World War II (Made in Yorkshire Book 1)

A New Home in the Dales (Made in Yorkshire Book 1)

A historical novel set in World War II by Mary Jayne Baker, writing as Betty Firth. It was published by Hera on 2nd March 2023.

To follow her dream, she’s gone from city to village – but can she ever fit in?

October 1940. Bobby Bancroft is working as a typist for a city newspaper, but she longs to be breaking the news herself. She is thrilled to secure a junior reporter role at The Tyke, a magazine serving the Yorkshire Dales.

However, when Bobby moves to Silverdale, she discovers rural life is a different world. The close-knit villagers and cantankerous local animals prove difficult to win over, while mischievous vet Charlie seems determined to lead her astray.

As Bobby struggles to find her place amongst the dalesfolk, she wonders if she’s made a huge mistake. Will the city girl ever make a home of the beautiful but hostile countryside of the Dales?

An uplifting, lively World War Two rural saga that fans of Annie Murray, Rosie Hendry, Gervase Phinn and James Herriot will love.