Some of the lovely things readers have said about my books.

The Perfect Fit

‘This joyous book will make you groan and also smile, laugh, believe in magic and fairy tales’ Rachel’s Random Reads

‘Simply brilliant and has to be Mary’s best by far’ Nicola, Goodreads

‘Had me laughing in the most unladylike way. I literally laughed until my stomach ached’ Laura, Goodreads

‘I loved this book!… I recommend this for anyone who likes British wit and a good romantic comedy’ Yvonne, Savvy Little Book Club

‘If you love a book that has lots of swearing, good Yorkshire humour, cringe with embarrassment moments, scenes that make you laugh your head off and characters you can’t help but love then this is the book for you’ Kelly, Goodreads

‘I love this little town and all the towns people. I really wish I lived in such a place’ Megan K, Netgalley

‘Enchanting, gripping and just an overall lovely novel to read’ Stacey R, Netgalley

‘A fun romp through everything that goes on backstage at a Panto along with all the knob jokes anyone could want’ Debbie R, Netgalley

A Bicycle Made for Two

‘This book was hilarious! What a great romantic comedy. I liked all the wacky characters and fell in love with the town’ Jody, Goodreads

‘A lovely story about family and community, working together for something that really matters to them’ Vivien, Goodreads

‘You’ll be amazed (as I was) at the level of heart, love and nuance that Baker infuses in a story that feels real and plausible’ I Am, indeed

‘A gorgeous example of a small community way of life and the beautiful things that can happen when said community pulls together!… I got massive Gilmore Girls feels when I was reading this book’ Laura, Goodreads

‘A lovely book with some fantastic characters in a beautiful setting’ Sally, Goodreads

‘I LOVED this book! I loved the unique writer voice; I loved the quirky, larger-than-life characters that sprung from the page; I loved the sense-of-humour to the point I would erupt into giggles or barks (as my husband described it) of laughter; and I loved the plot from beginning to end’ Rach, Goodreads

‘I loved this book. The characters are all lovable in their own ways, realistic and complex’ Amanda, Goodreads

‘This book was brilliant! I loved the whole storyline and characters. It made me laugh and the sense of community was wonderful’ Carol, Goodreads

‘Mary Jayne Baker’s books are always funny, romantic and charming and this is no exception.’ Michelle, Netgalley

‘Such a great light read. Storyline was fun and fresh without being overly kitschy, and the secondary couple was a great match up’ Kiersten B, Netgalley

‘Loved this story! It’s fun, funny, heartwarming and bang up to date’ Netgalley reviewer

‘A fantastically funny and fabulously romantic spring read. I absolutely loved this book.’ Karen W, Netgalley

‘A great cast of characters and a village setting I would love to experience’ Louise,

‘This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I loved all the characters, so believable and likeable’ customer

‘Mary Jayne Baker’s colourful periphery characters live long in the memory and that, along with steady gentle humour, is what makes her writing so appealing’ Katey,

Runaway Bride

‘Mary Jayne Baker has a wonderful feelgood writing style. I love her sense of humor. Her stories are fun, but they also have a lot of depth’ With Love for Books

‘From the first few pages I loved this book with its fabulous sense of humour’ Rachel’s Random Reads

‘A wonderful, heart warming book. About friendship, love, new beginnings, friendship, secrets and happily ever afters. Loved it’ Karen Goodreads

‘Funny and infused with real warmth, realism and wit’ Chicks, Rogues and Scandals

‘The only thing you can expect from Mary Jayne Baker’s books is the unexpected. I always know Mary’s books are going to be amazing but I never know what else to expect until I start reading’ Laura, Goodreads

‘If you are looking for a romantic read that will make you both laugh and cry then “Runaway Bride” is for you’ Jane Hunt Reviews

‘Kept me up till 2am snickering and tearing up. Hilarious and witty’ Author Rachel Dove

‘Absolutely fantastic! I really really loved this book! The whole characters and story was just perfect’ Jessica B, Netgalley

‘I loved the Spring Summer feel, the uniquely British humour and the dynamic between jack and Kitty!’ Netgalley reviewer

‘Warm and funny and sweet in all the right places with a little bit of heat and a few darker moments to add some bite’ Becca L, Netgalley

‘Romance isn’t usually my bag… This, I loved. The characters danced from the page, the VW was spot on and the plot was tight and funny. Perfect escapism, really enjoyed it!’ Marianne,

‘This is a really well told story with believable characters you will fall in love with and hate in equal measures’ Sarah,

‘I think this story was perfect, I enjoyed it! Life is not perfect and this story was a great example of love is all you need’ Peggy Graham,

Meet Me at the Lighthouse

‘Charming, witty, sweet and romantic! [Baker has] once again proven she can write clever, lighthearted, laugh-out-loud funny stories with characters you won’t forget’ What’s Better than Books?

‘A spectacular book packed with laughter and romance that had me gripped from the very first page. ‘ Jessica, Goodreads

‘I love heartwarming stories and Meet Me at the Lighthouse has the exact right feelgood factor’ With Love for Books

‘A serious contender for my favourite book of 2017’ Author Christie Barlow

‘I adored the setting, the various plot lines played along so nicely and at a great pace, and it was just a total delight of a read’ Karen, Goodreads

‘Meet Me at the Lighthouse was an absolute joy to read. It is one of those heartwarming, cosy and utterly romantic books that make you feel good about the world’ Jo, Goodreads

‘Fun, flirty and wonderful! Five stars from me!’ Rachel, Goodreads

‘I couldn’t put it down and read it in a few days. I loved the characters in the book and the setting of the story in Yorkshire’ Janette, Goodreads

‘I loved this book! What an unusual idea to base the story around an old dilapidated lighthouse’ Vivien, Goodreads

‘I find so many romantic writers struggle to properly achieve comedy but this made me cry with laughter at points’ Pippa, Goodreads

‘This is a truly delightful book which holds your attention and draws you in’ Narelle, Goodreads

‘Originality defines this author’s books, the lighthouse in the title is an important character, as well as providing the perfect setting for this hilarious, sexy, romantic romp’ Jane Hunt Reviews

‘What a truly delightful book this has been, I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable with a few funny moments thrown in’ Nessa, Goodreads

‘A spectacular book packed with laughter and romance that had me gripped from the very first page’ Jessica, Goodreads

‘A wonderful story filled with Yorkshire charm, wit and warmth. Characters to fall in love with and to champion. A story that is deliciously sexy and so romantic’ Adele, Goodreads

‘I laughed throughout the book, with the antics Bobbi got up to really did remind me of Bridget Jones!’ Lauren, Goodreads

‘Bobbie’s story has everything… those laugh out loud moments and some tearful moments’ Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mum

‘Absolutely hilarious! If you’re looking for a light-hearted, fun read then this book is just perfect’ Claire, Goodreads

‘Ahhh really loved this. Couldn’t put it down. Fell in love with the characters, especially Ross 😍 Laughed so much and the Yorkshire banter was fabulous “love”‘ Starguitar,

‘This is truly a laugh out loud book! Hubby kept giving me funny looks, I was so involved I didn’t realize he could hear me laughing’ customer

‘A very readable story with an real twist at the end. I couldn’t put this book down and was reading until the wee small hours to get to the end’ cranky history lover,

‘Lovely characters and story. Well done Mary Jayne Baker’ Flee,

‘This entire book is just unique and hilarious, right from page one’ The Writing Garnet

‘Very funny book that I was giggling throughout. If you’re looking for a fun story to make you feel happy then this is the book for you’ Claire140,

‘Funny funny book.’ Ram3236,

‘Well done light fiction with a feel for characterization… Easy fun read’ Bably,

The Honey Trap

‘Both romantic books and movies are supposed to have wonderful happy endings and The Honey Trap has a fabulous finale. I highly recommend this amazing endearing story’ With Love for Books

‘An absolutely brilliant read, outstanding! It should come with a warning though: “Too hot to handle”!’ The Writing Garnet

‘On the strength of this debut, Mary Jayne Baker is an author I’m adding to my automatic read list. I’m excited to see what she writes next!’ Laura, Goodreads

‘A really good romantic comedy which had my chuckle muscles working overtime’ Tracey, Goodreads

‘Wicked characterization, highly entertaining, and extremely funny!’ What’s Better than Books?

‘A funny rom com that had me giggling out loud & I absolutely adored the characters’ Rachel, Goodreads

‘Great fun and perfect for reading in the sun or curled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate – although there are some steamy scenes so don’t wrap up too warm!’ Michelle, Goodreads

‘Easy going, great story with a bit of spice, definitely recommend’ Jayne P,

‘A compelling and funny storyline, with “naughty bits” that didn’t take over the plot but were just one aspect of it’ senoritasuziq,

‘I could not put this book down! So addictive!’ customer

‘I rarely give 5 stars but thought this one was pretty great. I would recommend this book to any one.’ customer

‘Really liked this book could not put it down and ended up reading in one night’ Poppy,